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Red Sox reportedly recalling Garin Cecchini

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The third base prospect is possibly being brought back to Boston, but for reasons unclear.

Jared Wickerham

Update: Garin Cecchini has been called up to the Red Sox, and Grady Sizemore was designated for assignment to make room on the 25 man roster.


Garin Cecchini was briefly called up to the Red Sox earlier this season while Boston awaited the arrival of Stephen Drew, and it sounds like we'll see a repeat starting as soon as Tuesday. According to MLB Daily Dish's Chris Cotillo, Boston will recall Cecchini, but it's unknown at this time what the corresponding roster move is.

Any number of things could be going on. The Red Sox might be optioning Jonathan Herrera to Triple-A, knowing that if Stephen Drew gets hurt he can be recalled without needing to adhere to the 10-day waiting period normally associated with options. Maybe Drew already is hurt and is headed to the disabled list, with Bogaerts taking over at shortstop and Cecchini third in Drew's absence. It's possible that Bogaerts is still feeling ill, and the Sox need someone to play third base for a night or two while he chills and recovers.

Throw in the added wrinkle that Brock Holt could handle third for a day or two if needed, and things become even more unclear. Though, to be fair, Brock Holt is needed everywhere right about now, so maybe the Red Sox are just trying to avoid becoming too thin or anymore dependent on him as a savior.

The lack of knowing just what's up and why all makes a little more sense when you consider that Red Sox manager John Farrell was on MLB Network Radio denying that Cecchini is coming up, at the same time the Boston Globe's Peter Abraham suggests Cecchini is in town "in case they need him." Translation: the Sox might need Cecchini, and it's better to have him miss a game of Triple-A while hiding in the big-league shadows than it is for the Sox to go without him if he ends up needed.

It's not because Cecchini has pushed himself to the bigs with his Triple-A performance, that much we know. The 23-year-old is batting just .263/.344/.329 in 62 games, and while he still holds plenty of promise, that's something to be excited about for performances in 2015 and beyond, not the present.

In Cecchini's one MLB game of his career, he's 1-for-2 with an RBI double and a strikeout. He and the Monster will eventually have a torrid love affair given his swing and its height, and if it turns out he's going to get some regular playing time for a bit, with any luck, we can see some foreshadowing in that vein soon.