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Red Sox sign first-round pick Michael Chavis, two more

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The Red Sox have signed three more draft picks Monday, including first-rounder Michael Chavis.

Rich Schultz

The Red Sox have signed first-round pick Michael Chavis for the slot value of $1.87 million according to Ryan Hannable:

In fact, Chavis is only one of four Red Sox picks who seem to have signed on today. We already heard about Sam Travis, and now along with Chavis we have proof of the long-reported Michael Kopech signing:

...and what seems like a pretty good indication that Jake Cosart is also aboard, though it's not clear just how much he's signed on for:

If you're keeping track, that's now seven of the Red Sox' first ten picks aboard, including all of their top four. With fourth-round pick (and thus fifth Red Sox pick) Kevin McAvoy expected to be a very easy signing intended to conserve bonus pool money for other picks, that seems very likely to become their top seven picks before long.

With Chavis coming in on slot money, the Red Sox certainly aren't up against the wall when it comes to signing the rest of their picks, either. They might well even be left with some extra money to throw at late-round picks they took fliers on in hopes of landing some old-fashioned signability talent.