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Red Sox sign second-round pick Sam Travis for slot value

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The Red Sox have locked up another draft pick, signing Sam Travis for slot value.


The Red Sox have signed Sam Travis, their second round pick in the 2014 MLB Draft, with Jim Callis reporting the first baseman is set to receive a signing bonus of $846,600--exactly slot value.

As Callis says, Travis is all about the bat. A first baseman who might be able to handle third base if the Red Sox really can't find room for him elsewhere, Travis produced 12 long balls in just 59 games started with Indiana in 2014, part of a season which saw him hit .347/.415/.576. A right-handed bat, Travis' contact skills should serve him well in Fenway Park.

With Travis on board, the Red Sox have now signed five of their top-10 picks. Travis, Danny Mars, and Ben Moore have come in on-slot, with Michael Kopech "slightly under" and Josh Ockimey over by some $167,000. The Red Sox have also dedicated an extra $150,000 of their pool to signing 15th-round signability pick Trenton Kemp. First-rounder Michael Chavis remains unsigned, though his...enthusiasm at the draft makes it hard to see him rejecting the Red Sox in favor of Clemson.