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Jackie Bradley Jr.'s ridiculous catch and throw doubles up Mike Aviles

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The catch was great, but the throw was even better.

Jared Wickerham

Jackie Bradley Jr. is having trouble at the plate, but no one can question the quality of his defense. Thursday's game gave us a reminder of why it's so important that Bradley figure things out offensively, because he can do things that very few center fielders can.

Like, say, after making a ranging catch in center that on its own was special, uncorking this tremendous throw to double up former Red Sox infielder Mike Aviles at first.

It's not quite Yoenis Cespedes eye-popping, but that was also one of the greatest throws any of us has ever seen. And really, the only reason this isn't quite at that level is because Mike Napoli needed to step off of first to grab it. That's nitpicking, though: Bradley went from the scoreboard in left field at the Green Monster and hucked a baseball on one hop to Napoli at first, all before Aviles -- who has legitimate wheels -- could make it back in time to stop what was happening.

The whole thing is worth watching from the variety of angles offered in this video, and don't sleep on the catch itself, either.