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Stephen Drew may need MRI, currently day-to-day

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After four games in 2014, Stephen Drew may need an MRI on his right oblique strain.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

BOSTON -- Stephen Drew has played four games with the Red Sox in his triumphant return to the team in 2014, but the shortstop has sat out the last three games after suffering a right oblique strain. After a lack of improvement in the injury over the past couple of days, Drew may need an MRI to determine the extent and severity of the injury.

"He’ll go through a full exam here [on Thursday] to determine if an MRI is needed," said manager John Farrell. "Yesterday [in Baltimore] in the second round of BP, he felt the right oblique kind of grab him again and he was going through some exercise and a full workout."

Drew last appeared in game action on Sunday versus the Detroit Tigers. Drew has one hit so far this season in 14 at-bats with an RBI. Jonathan Herrera has played shortstop in Drew's absence.

"Whether or not the MRI is needed tomorrow and even if there is any question we’ll get it to get all the information possible," said Farrell. "He’s frustrated by it, but at the same time we can’t risk any longer term situation."

Before joining the team at the major league level, Drew had a short minor league rehab stint before being called up by the Red Sox. Drew said when he joined the team that he felt like he was close to be ready for game action without any restrictions.

"I know I worked hard and nothing I had to worry about there," Drew said at his introductory press conference on May 21. "I put the time and effort I needed to be ready for this moment because I knew it would happen quick. I didn’t know where, but like I said, I am excited to be back here because the guys that I do know and the guys they added, it’s still a tight race."

Farrell said that the team will have Drew undergo an MRI if the team deems it necessary after monitoring his progress in returning from the injury.

"The MRI is going to indicate to what extent there’s inflammation," said Farrell. "If the MRI is deemed necessary then the information derived from it, we’ll have a better read on a prognosis going forward."