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Over The Monster Podcast, Episode 104: Chad Finn and the sinking Red Sox

All manner of topics Red Sox are discussed with the excellent Chad Finn of the Boston Globe

Even this lady isn't having fun this season
Even this lady isn't having fun this season
Mitchell Layton

It's so easy to fall into old habits, huh? Another day, another dispiriting loss. A runner is on first but we all know he's getting doubled up so go ahead and get up to grab another slice of pizza. We'll always have last season, but it would be nice to get something out of this one as well. Maybe that's asking too much. Maybe the team used up all it's good luck and positive mojo on winning last season and a charred old husk is all that's left. At least we have each other, right?

The OTM Podcast can one-up that, as the OTM Podcast has you and you have the OTM Podcast, but the OTM Podcast has Chad Finn of the Boston Globe and Chad and co-hosts Brendan O'Toole and Matt Kory discuss the Red Sox rough start to the season, how this team can get better (even though they show no signs of doing so), whether the team should look to re-sign Jon Lester, Dustin Pedroia's power outage, other problems with the offense, the specter of Giancarlo Stanton, and a final word is dropped on the draft. It's an informative and fun Over The Monster Podcast!

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