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Game 64: Red Sox vs. Orioles

Goals for tonight's game:

  • Brandon Workman pitches well. He hasn't really shown us anything like what we saw out of him last year when he was in the rotation yet, and it would be nice both for now and the future if that Brandon Workman could show up again. I don't know how realistic it is to expect it, but we can hope.
  • On a completely realistic note, how about a big game from Xander Bogaerts? He's 0-for-8 in his last two games.
  • That actually stands in contrast to Daniel Nava, 5-for-his-last-10. If there's anyone currently on the team mired in an outright bad season (DL not included) who I still expect to find their way back into form, it's Daniel Nava. The guy's eye is just too good to be this bad.

Just give me two of three, baseball gods. I'm not even asking for wins anymore. Just positives.