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Daily Red Sox Links: Jackie Bradley Jr., Ben Cherington, Brock Holt

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Today's links look at Jackie Bradley's benching, Ben Cherington's decision making and how "good looking" Brock Holt is, according to Buck Showalter.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jackie Bradley Jr. is not doing well, but he's trying to keep things simple in order to work through the growing pains.  (Providence Journal; Brian MacPherson)

Although it may be time to stop praising the team for their hard work if they don't start winning games soon. (Boston Herald; John Tomase)

Though there isn't much Ben Cherington could have done about this season, is there? (; Chad Finn)

It's not his fault many of the team's first round picks haven't panned. (Boston Globe; Pete Abraham)

Especially when players like Brock Holt are even getting old curmudgeons like Buck Showalter excited.(Masslive; Jason Mastrodonato)

So, as always, sit back and enjoy the Weekly Notes from Sox Prospects (Sox Prospects)

Be happy for what the future may hold for the Mookie Betts of the world. (Sox Prospects; Matt Huegel)

And check out this very cool look behind the scenes of a Red Sox broadcast. (NESN; Mike Narracci)