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Game 56: Red Sox vs. Rays

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The Red Sox have more than survived the rotation's danger zone. Jake Peavy actually looked good (not just in terms of results), Brandon Workman did fine, and Rubby De La Rosa was absolutely incredible. As a result, they've got three more wins, a six-game streak, and are handing all of this off to Jo(h)ns Lester and Lackey.

Still, I won't deny that Lester's last couple outings are at least a little concerning. Again, it's mostly because of the context of 2013's mid-year slump that it's even worth paying attention to one bad game and one, well, decent one, but it's hard to completely ignore that he's got a history.

A good game today to complete the sweep of the Rays, though, and we can maybe start talking about putting the past in the past.

Go Sox!