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Red Sox call up Garin Cecchini, option Alex Wilson to Pawtucket

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Third baseman Garin Cecchini will join the Red Sox before Sunday's game against the Rays, with Alex Wilson heading down to Pawtucket.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Top Red Sox prospect Garin Cecchini has earned his first major league promotion, with the Red Sox calling up the third baseman from Pawtucket before Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

This is not exactly Cecchini's big debut, however. In fact, barring unforeseen circumstances, this should prove little more than a day trip for him. The plan is for Stephen Drew to rejoin the team Monday in Cleveland, with Cecchini only serving to provide one game's worth of defensive depth for the Red Sox, who used Alex Wilson for two innings in Saturday night's game and could use the help in the infield.

Cecchini, 23, has had a relatively quiet season in Pawtucket. While the third baseman is still doing a decent job of what he does base, reaching base at a .354 clip, he's managed only eight extra-base hits, and an unusually high strikeout rate has his average down to .278.

Still, Cecchini represents Boston's best upper-level depth in the infield, and there are fairly big things expected of him down the line. It's nice to get him up to the majors for a day, even if it's mostly just a token gesture.