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David Ortiz's 380th Red Sox homer ranks 4th all-time

It moved him up the all-time MLB leaderboard, too.

Ronald Martinez

David Ortiz hit his seventh home run of the season on Saturday against the Rangers, and it was a historic one. The 378-foot blast off Rangers' lefty Martin Perez was number 380 in Ortiz's Red Sox career, breaking him out of a tie with Sox great Dwight Evans to give Ortiz sole possession of fourth place on the all-time Red Sox homer list.

The next milestone isn't far off: whenever Ortiz's 10th homer of 2014 comes, it will be the one that pushes him ahead of Hall of Fame outfielder Jim Rice into third place all-time in Boston. After that, climbing the list will take time. Years, even. It's all Hall of Famers the rest of the way, with Carl Yastrzemski sitting at 452, while Ted Williams tops the list with 521. Ortiz would need to mash for another four years or so to catch the Splendid Spliter, but Yaz is within reach given Ortiz could be under contract through 2017, should he reach his incentives: 73 more homers is a thing that will almost assuredly happen if Ortiz is still playing well enough to be under contract three seasons from now.

That's just homers as a Red Sox, though. Ortiz has 438 total thanks to his years on the Twins, and this latest one put him in a tie with moving target Jason Giambi and retired former Red Sox Andre Dawson for #40 all-time in the history of baseball. Next up on the list is Dave Kingman, with 442.