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Daily Red Sox Links: Cecchini, Roberts, Victorino

Today's links look at a recent pick up, a delayed call up and whether or not fans should start worrying about the season already.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Recently acquired infielder Ryan Roberts was picked up in large part as a utility glove, but as an added bonus it looks like his batting eye improved this spring training, too! Well, not so much his batting eye as his actual eyesight. (Ricky Doyle;

Roberts will be filling time for the injured Will Middlebrooks, who himself may be filling time for minor league third base prospect Garin Cecchini. How long is anyone's guess, however, as the team isn't quite ready to bring him to the majors even after he started this season on an absolute tear. (Kevin McNamara; Providence Journal)

Cecchini isn't the only Sox prospect with a bright future, something not missed by those in the know. (Alex Speier;

Despite the slow start, Big Papi isn't worried about the team quite yet. So what if no one on the team seems to be able to get a hit with runners in scoring position? (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

And John Farrell isn't concerned either, even as the injuries start to pile up. (Steve Buckley; Boston Herald)

Not everyone watching feels quite the same way, though. (Glenn Yoder;

Hopefully, Shane Victorino's eminent return from his hamstring injury following a flu-related setback may solve some of the problems. (Ian Browne,

But, slow start or not, the team still managed to raise over a million dollars for charity. Which is a win no matter how you look at it. (Sanibel-Captiva Islander)