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Brewers 4, Red Sox 0: MEH.

Not much to see here, really.

Jared Wickerham

Once upon a time, the Brewers came to Fenway Park to play a three-game series against the Boston Red Sox.

Unfortunately, the only good highlight of the weekend for the Red Sox came before the first game was played, when the Red Sox got their 2013 World Series rings. Everything else? Sucked like a Hoover.

They say the third time's a charm, but if you believed that this weekend, I'd like to talk you into a straight-up-Placeholder-for-Mike Trout trade.

The Red Sox had lots of luck this weekend, but all of it was bad. Mike Carp was unavailable because of tightness in his lower back, Will Middlebrooks ended up on the disabled list, Edward Mujica imploded, Clay Buchholz imploded, line drives kept getting hit straight at Brewer fielders, and Milwaukee hitters kept making it on base thanks to porous defense and sheer ridiculous luck. (Oh, and while we're at it, a complaint about inconsistent strike zones is never amiss here.) And let's not forget the waste of the managerial challenge by John Farrell (the first of the season).

So, yeah, the third time was just a PhD (piled higher deeper) in the BS (exactly that) and MS (more of the same) from the first two games of the series. Jon Lester got roughed up for four runs, three earned, across 7.1 innings, in spite of throwing a very good game, and more or less relentlessly pounding the strike zone (67% strikes on the night). Meanwhile, Milwaukee pitchers managed to throw a shutout in spite of the Sox matching the Brewers hit for hit, notching nine on the night. The pinch hit appearance by AJ Placeholder for the last out of the game was just the cherry on a gigantic cow-pie sundae.

So yeah, basically this whole weekend was a colossal disappointment if you were a Sox fan, as the Red Sox now have their first three-game losing streak since last winter, and now look to John Lackey to avoid their first four-game losing streak since the year-that-shall-not-be-named. MEH.