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Watch the Red Sox ring ceremony right here

Can't get near a television for Friday's home opener ring ceremony? You can still watch it right here with us.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Did you miss the ring ceremony live stream? Don't worry: we covered it for you through the power of GIFs.


The Red Sox home opener includes the presentation of their 2013 World Series rings. That's great if you're near a television and catch the pre-game festivities, but if you're not, it's kind of a bummer. Well, usually, as is streaming the opening ceremonies this year, and you can now watch them right here with us as they happen:

If you're at work and at a computer, and don't have access to due to blackout restrictions, worry not: so long as this streaming video actually works, you'll be able to watch along with the rest of us in a tiny tab you can hide from your boss easily.

The Red Sox take on the Brewers at 2:05 pm eastern, with Jake Peavy facing off against Marco Estrada, but don't forget to tune in at 1 pm, when the ring ceremonies in addition to the rest of the general home opener business are expected to go down.