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The Over The Monster Podcast: Episode 99: Actually Actual Baseball!


Yay! Actual baseball!
Yay! Actual baseball!
Mitchell Layton

The realm of the theoretical has been abandoned! We can now discuss what has happened in reality! When I say reality I don't mean in Crimea or Wall Street, I'm talking about on an actual baseball diamond! Hallelujah! The Red Sox are playing again! Oh, I beg your pardon, the World Champion Red Sox are playing again! Yay! In this, the 99th Over The Monster Podcast, Brendan and Matt discuss, what else, the Red Sox! But first we talk about instant replay and the new rules and the way they've been implemented over the first few games. Then we move on to yakking about the actual Red Sox pitching staff, and how good they've looked through two (now three) games. All of this is interspersed with then-live-now-dated in-game commentary! Yes, it's a wonderful 99th Over The Monster Podcast!

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