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Watch LEGO Fenway Park's construction in time-lapsed video

How do you go wrong with LEGO and Fenway Park, together in one video?

I love Fenway Park. I also love LEGO. Combining the two makes the decision to spend two minutes on this video easy. It's a time-lapsed video of the construction of a replica Fenway Park, and for some reason the music sounds like it was lifted from one Japanese role-playing game or another. I also love JRPGs, so really, there's nothing to complain about here.

Okay, well, maybe I have one small complaint: this is only a miniature replica of Fenway. Where is the full-sized replica Fenway Park built from LEGO that we all want to see? Put it in Cooperstown somewhere (like, in the town itself outside the museum), build it in another Boston that's not Boston, or hey, put it where that New Fenway the previous ownership group wanted to build was supposed to go, just to ensure that no one else can try to pull the same move in the future.

Never mind, I thought of a second complaint: Why do I not have a replica LEGO Fenway Park in my apartment? I have plenty of Star Wars stuff, but no Fenway. I'm not sure whose fault this is, but I need to blame someone, even if it's me.