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Game 3: Red Sox vs. Orioles

Can the Red Sox match their 2013 start with a series win?

Last year the Red Sox started the season with a series win in Fenway Park against the Yankees. It's strange times we live in that a series win against the Orioles, even one on the road, could be seen as a more impressive start to the season. But given what we now know of the 2013 may just be, at that.

First, though, they'll have to actually earn that series win. And while the Red Sox really have looked like the better team so far this series (poor timing in the first game be damned), two games isn't much of a sample size, and even if it was good feelings don't go very far towards repairing a broken record.

1-2, 2-1, it's not all that different. The baseball season is a much longer event than that. But dammit, even if it is just about feeling good when we open Fenway with a ring ceremony, I'll take that 2-1.

Go Sox!