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Red Sox will wear commemorative championship hats for home opener

They won't just wear shiny new rings, they'll also have championship hats.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Friday is the Red Sox home opener, and it's also when they will be presented with their World Series rings. The 2013 World Series champions will don special hats for the occasion produced by New Era, Major League Baseball's official creator of on-field caps.

Don't worry, it's not anything gaudy. It's your standard Red Sox hat, but with a patch on the side so y'all remember who the defending champs are on their day:

Photo credit: New Era

It might not look like much, but remember: these are the little perks of the post-championship season. The Red Sox get the patches, they get the extra love, and they get to strut around as defending champions until the moment the 2014 World Series ends.

Of course, if we all get our way, that just means they'll be defending champs again. But let's take it easy on that whole thing until we're a little closer to that goal, yeah?