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David Ross recreates 'Major League' by himself

Ross pays tribute to the baseball classic on its 25th anniversary.

MLB Fan Cave

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the baseball movie classic, "Major League." Red Sox backup catcher David Ross recreated key scenes while imitating characters from the movie, all by himself for MLB Fan Cave, giving us this random yet enjoyable video.

Honestly, Ross' Lou Brown imitation was so spot-on that I thought he was doing an incredible job of syncing his lips to dubbing until he switched to Pedro Cerrano. Ross' crotch-grab game is also pretty good, but not as good as that mustache. I want Ross to manage after he retires as a player, and I want him to grow a legitimate Lou Brown mustache while refusing to speak in anything except for that voice.

Remember when Fan Cave was just two dudes avoiding sleep and lives outside of baseball for six months, locked up in a New York studio? I like this version better. It has David Ross mustache videos.