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Dustin Pedroia's first ridiculous play of 2014

It's basically routine for him to perform absurd defensive feats at this point, but we can still marvel just the same.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If you've watched a Red Sox game or two, you've probably gathered by now that Dustin Pedroia is a stellar defender. He has plenty of range, but his real strength is his positioning. When the two are forced to combine because one or the other isn't enough, we get plays like this from Wednesday night against the Orioles:


He's already shaded over towards second base a bit, but has to run and fully extend in a dive to get to the ball after it crosses the bag. That alone would have been impressive, but then he flips around and fires to first with more accuracy than anyone should from that position in time to get J.J. Hardy. The whole spin move is even sillier when it's zoomed in:


Credit should also go to Mike Napoli for keeping his foot on the bag while reaching out to snag Pedey's throw, but man, this one is just such a Pedroia play in every sense.

If you need to hear Don Orsillo salivating over Pedroia's defense for the full effect, we've got you covered: