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Twitter Question Theater: Why was A.J. Pierzynski batting cleanup as DH?

Your least favorite Red Sox starter filled in for David Ortiz yesterday, and you were not happy.

Tom Szczerbowski

A.J. Pierzynski hit a grand slam for the Red Sox on Saturday, and on Sunday served as the Red Sox’ designated hitter, batting cleanup. He is not a popular player and many Red Sox fans did not like the move. I’m fairly sure they’re overreacting, but let’s sort through the tweets.

Oh, and the Sox lost, 7-1.

Let's go with the first question: How could this happen?

Coming into the game, Pierzynski was 5-12 against Dickey with one home run and a .417/.462/.750 slash line. That's good! But it's a wee, wee sample size. Patrick wants us to look at the bigger picture:

Great question! Pierzynski has 272 walks in 6,831 career plate appearances, or one every 25 at-bats. Halley's Comet has been in its current orbit for 16,000 to 200,000 years and passes by the Earth roughly every 75 years, which means it has passed by somewhere between 213 and nearly 2,667 times. So it's impossible to know for sure, but the smart money is on Pierzynski walking. Science! Gotta love it!

Okay, that was a good one. He went hungry on Sunday, going 0-4, helping drop the Red Sox to 12-14 and assuring that they won't finish April above .500. So after all this, can the Red Sox recover, with a mere 136 games remaining? Let's ask friend of the program Jared Carrabis:

Boo! I mean, I agree with Jared, but he's totally killing the vibe. The Red Sox lost a game! We need blood! Take us home, Jack:

Noted! Though by this logic, the Sox did the absolute best they could do on Sunday. Hooray for us?

Hooray for us. Papi's back Tuesday.