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Twitter Question Theater: The Michael Pineda pine tar incident

In which your questions are answered.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday night, Yankees starter Michael Pineda was ejected for having an obvious streak of pine tar on his neck, two weeks after he pitched (quite well) against the Red Sox with pine tar on his inner palm. Some of you were confused and took to Twitter to seek answers, which will I hereby attempt to provide.

Our first question comes from Kevin:

Hey Kevin!

Great question. You should check out Ben's write-up of the incident to see what you missed. Long story short: Michael Pineda was careless about breaking a rule and was tossed from the game.

Thanks for writing! Next up is Pat:

That's not even a question, Pat! Nice try. Maybe Vincent can do better:

That's not exactly the type of language we like to use at Big Vaseline, Vincent. But to your specific concerns, you just go to the ump and ask them to check. Glad to hear from you. Whatcha got, Katia?

Again, not a question! But philosophically relevant. The Red Sox may, in fact, be "a bunch" of the father of western medicine. Probably his nuts, you'd think? What else bunches up? Not toes. They're not his toes.

You made us think, at least. What about you, Mike?

It doesn't really help if you answer your own question, but in this case it's probably okay, as I can't make heads or tails of what you're asking.

Anyone else? Okay for one more, let's go to a pro! Matt Yallof of Major League Baseball, take us home:

You betcha. We'd be hippocrates if we didn't.