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Game 2: Red Sox vs. Orioles

Let's get on the board, folks

Alright, so Opening Day did not go as planned. The Red Sox didn't play poorly, per se--they arguably outplayed the Orioles, in fact--but in the end it was Baltimore 2 - 1 Boston.

For some reason, that whole "score" thing seems to be all that counts in the standings. Who thought up that system?

But I digress. Game 1 is in the books. There's no use dwelling. Game 2 is now, and according to some insufferable pundits who shall not be named under pain of stress headaches, it's a "must win." After all, no team has ever started the season 0-2 and won more than 20 games, or something like that.

In all seriousness, we've got John Lackey on the mound for the first time this regular season, and that's no small thing. He's still presumed to be the man he was last year, but Bad Lackey is too recent to be completely gone from memory. A good game here would be, if not necessarily significant in a statistic sense, then at least comforting.

And a win? Well that'd be the cherry on top.

Go Sox!