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Red Sox vs. Orioles: Brock Holt is back

Brock Holt is back in Boston as the Red Sox take on the Orioles in Fenway Park.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Brock Holt will make his return to the Boston lineup Friday night, taking the place of Ryan Roberts as the Red Sox take on the Orioles in Fenway Park.

Today's Lineups

Nick Markakis - RF Grady Sizemore - LF
Delmon Young - LF Daniel Nava - RF
Chris Davis - 1B Dustin Pedroia - 2B
Adam Jones - CF Mike Napoli - DH
Nelson Cruz - DH Mike Carp - 1B
Matt Wieters - C Xander Bogaerts - SS
J.J. Hardy - SS A.J. Pierzynski - C
Steve Lombardozzi - 2B Jackie Bradley - CF
Jonathan Schoop - 3B Brock Holt - 3B
Chris Tillman - RHP John Lackey - RHP

While the news on the roster surrounds the return of Brock Holt, the bigger impact on the lineup comes from the absence of David Ortiz, who will sit for the night while Mike Napoli takes over at DH with Mike Carp filling his shoes at first.

Also of note is Grady Sizemore's continued placement on the left side of the outfield, even with the Red Sox in Fenway Park. Clearly the decision has been made that Sizemore will get as much time in left as possible leading up to the return of Shane Victorino, accepting that it's become his permanent home. That will mean diminished defense in right for the immediate future, but hopefully an improved Sizemore in the long term.

First pitch is at 7:10 p.m. EST with broadcasts on NESN+ (Bruins playoff game and all that), WEEI, and the MLB Network.