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David Ortiz on Boston Marathon Bombing, one year later

David Ortiz reflects on the year that's passed since the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Jim Rogash

Maybe it's just because the Red Sox are such a big part of my life, but David Ortiz stands as one of the indelible images of the 2013 Marathon Bombing. The bombing itself--both the horror of the moment, and the strength shown in its immediate aftermath--will always be tied to this incredible photo. But when I think of the recovery that followed, I can't help but come back to David Ortiz standing in Fenway Park and declaring Boston once and forever "our fucking city."

It's been 366 days since that horrible afternoon, and Ortiz himself has taken the opportunity to reflect on the year that has been in an editorial set to appear in the coming week's issue of Sports Illustrated.

Ortiz is not a professional writer, but he's done an impressive job of taking up the mantle if only for one day. It may seem silly to put weight in the words of a baseball player when it comes to something as serious as this, but David Ortiz is very much an icon of our city. It's an odd thing, but players like Ortiz can serve to unify a city better than any politician or celebrity can. The appeal of an athlete who spends (most of) his career with one team and achieves great things can cut through so many lines that normally serve to divide us.

So when he speaks up, I listen. I did so one year ago, and I think I'm better off for it. I won't steal SI's thunder, though, so go give it a read for yourself.