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Mike Napoli injures finger, Red Sox season enters tragicomedy territory

Everything is terrible

Jeff Zelevansky

UPDATE: The finger is dislocated, meaning no disabled list just yet. Napoli is officially "day-to-day".

Mike Napoli injured his left ring finger sliding into second base Tuesday night, providing further evidence that Boston's 2014 season has made the jump from "early struggles" territory to "tragicomedy."

Generally speaking, those of us without any sort of medical training should refrain from trying to offer any diagnoses. But when we're talking about a "that shouldn't bend that way" injury, it seems safe to say we're talking about at least a dislocation and possibly a break.

Given that the injury occurred when Mike Napoli slid into second with a stolen base as the go-ahead run in the ninth inning of a 1-1 game, I think it' also safe to say that the issues plaguing Boston can no longer be chalked up to the typical ebb and flow of a baseball season. No, that's just too perfectly scripted to take us from excitement to despair without ever quite escaping the realm of the ridiculous on the way. The only explanation is that this season is now subject to the whims of a callous power with a twisted sense of humor.

Whatever the case, this could at least makes Shane Victorino's return to the roster that much easier. Mike Napoli might hit the disabled list, leaving Mike Carp and/or Daniel Nava for first base, and an open roster spot for Victorino. How fortunate.