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The Over The Monster Podcast: Episode 101, A rough start, but all is not lost

Things have not been the best for the 2014 Red Sox. This isn't 2013 anymore. Sadly. But that doesn't mean 2014 can't be its own success. Brendan and Matt discuss.

Jeff Zelevansky

The Red Sox have had a bit of a rough go at the start of the 2014 season. There have been injuries to key players, and injuries to players where the team's depth was weakest. There's, of course, been under-performance as well. Some of it is that players who weren't supposed to be starters are starting, and some of it is just a rough 13 game stretch for the starters. These things happen. It's not the end of the season, and if ever a team were to be three games under .500, this is about as good a time as any, as there is copious time to recover. Brendan O'Toole and Matt Kory discuss all of that, including the injuries, where the team has under-performed, and what needs to happen for the team to succeed this season. Prominently discussed are the team's worst hitters, but team defense is also a topic of discussion. It's an informative, and after last week's episode, a back-to-normal episode of the Over The Monster Podcast!

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