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Game 10: Red Sox vs. Yankees

This is a normal game thread. It has always been a normal game thread. It has never been an emergency game thread. Don't be silly.

We have a match made on the disabled list here in Pineda vs. Buchholz, But while former had been absent for much longer than the latter, it's Buchholz who has to prove he's shaken off the rust after an...unfortunate season debut against the Brewers.

Neither team is off to the start they want to be. At 4-5, each will be looking to take the opportunity to get up over .500, though with four games in the series it's entirely possible that neither one will. The alternative, though, has one side leaving at 5-8, or even 4-9. A scary thought for two teams with expectations to contend. Let's hope that's not us come next week.

Go Sox!