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Red Sox vs. Yankees: Grady Sizemore leads off, starts in left field

Grady Sizemore will lead off and play his first ever game outside of center field as the Red Sox try to reach.500 against the New York Yankees.

Jim Rogash

Grady Sizemore is, for the first time in his career, playing somewhere other than center field. The once-and-perhaps-future star will get the start Thursday night in left field against Michael Pineda and the New York Yankees.

Boston Red Sox (4-5)

  1. Grady Sizemore, LF
  2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  3. David Ortiz, DH
  4. Mike Napoli, 1B
  5. Daniel Nava, RF
  6. Xander Bogaerts, SS
  7. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  8. Jackie Bradley Jr., CF
  9. Jonathan Herrera, 3B

Starting Pitcher -- Clay Buchholz

New York Yankees (4-5)

  1. Brett Gardner, LF
  2. Derek Jeter, SS
  3. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
  4. Carlos Beltran, RF
  5. Brian McCann, C
  6. Alfonso Soriano, DH
  7. Kelly Johnson, 1B
  8. Yangervis Solarte, 3B
  9. Dean Anna, 2B

Starting Pitcher -- Michael Pineda

So, why left field? Well, it's New Yankee Stadium which, like old Yankee Stadium, has that tiny right field which would leave either Sizemore or Bradley well cooped up. Nava's arm in right is...problematic, but the Red Sox will emphasize range as well they should. Better to keep runners off the bases altogether than hold them at second.

The other kink in the lineup tonight is Jackie Bradley Jr. moving up to eighth in the order. It's a well-deserved bump after this past week saw him reach base 11 times in just 22 plate appearances. If he manages anything close to this over the next month, he'll be jumping quite a bit higher, I'd expect. He doesn't fit the antiquated base-stealing build for a leadoff hitter, but the Sox are very much hoping he's an on-base machine who will see a lot of pitches, which is what a team should really be looking for in the first at bat of the game.

First pitch is at 7:05 p.m. with broadcasts on NESN, the MLB Network, and WEEI.