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The Over the Monster Podcast: Episode 100

100! One hundred episodes in and Matt and Brendan welcome back former co-host Marc Normandin and first ever guest of the podcast, Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus.

"100? Wow! Great job!"
"100? Wow! Great job!"
Jared Wickerham

You didn't think we'd make it this far. Well we didn't think so either. But here we are. We're two co-hosts, one disaster season, one storybook season, one Bobby Valentine whatever you want to call it, a billion David Ortiz moments, a few used catboxes, and 100 episodes into the Over The Monster Podcast. In that spirit, it was time to reach back into the past. So former co-host Marc Normandin joined Matt Kory and Brendan O'Toole to welcome back the original OTM Podcast guest, Sam Miller. Sam was working at the Orange County Register when we spoke to him two years and change ago, but now he's one of the lead writers for Baseball Prospectus, and editor of the 2014 BP Annual. In keeping with the hodge-podge that is the OTM Podcast, not to mention Sam's areas of expertise, we skipped around the league a bit. We did cover some Red Sox questions, but we also talked about the podcast itself as well as some current happenings around the league. It was a fun time. Hopefully you enjoy it too. Thanks for listening.

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