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David Ortiz and President Obama pose for a selfie

No big deal, just two of the most powerful dudes in the world hanging out and taking photos.

David Ortiz and the rest of the Red Sox visited the White House and President Barack Obama today to continue the celebration of their 2013 World Series title. Big Papi took the opportunity to pose for a selfie with the Commander-in-chief, because it is 2014 and this is what you do on momentous occasions:

That's Obama posing with a number 44 Red Sox jersey with his name on it. If the meaning isn't immediately apparent, Obama is the 44th President of the United States.* It's not a nothing number for the Red Sox historically, either, as it's been part of a couple of championship squads, with Orlando Cabrera and Jake Peavy donning it in 2004 and 2013, respectively, and Jason Bay wearing it during his two-year stint with the Sox as well.

*Read a book or something, jeez.

Sadly, we did not get Jonny Gomes posing in his stars-and-stripes blazer next to Obama, but Gomes did give the President his own AMERICA blazer as a gift.

Per Brian MacPherson, John Farrell doesn't think Obama will wear that jacket. We can dream, though.