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Grady Sizemore hits Opening Day homer (GIF)

Who knows how long this ride will last, but it's starting out great.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Grady Sizemore starting in center field for the Red Sox on Opening Day seemed improbable enough. Sizemore recording a single in his first at-bat in the majors since 2011 took that just a little bit further. Grady Sizemore going deep for his first home run since July 15, 2011 during said Opening Day seemed basically impossible, but hey, look at that:


It got a little help from the wind, to the point that Sizemore was still sprinting around the bases when it landed in the outfield -- he was actually rounding second and heading for third, but did so sort of awkwardly like he wasn't sure if he should still be going all-out or if he was all clear to jog.

Maybe Sizemore just forgot what a home run trot was like. Hey, it's been awhile.

NESN's zoomed-in replay afterward gives you a great look at Sizemore's swing, even if you can't see his handsome face during most of it.


The timing is there. Let's hope the health continues to be, because Grady could be something for the 2014 Sox.