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Jonny Gomes, AMERICA blazer ready for President Obama

Jonny Gomes is America, and America is visiting the White House today.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli is just hanging around taking pictures of teammate Jonny Gomes again. Don't worry, it's not another cartoonish tattoo guessing game. This time it's just a cartoonish blazer. A cartoonish blazer for America.

I love these blazers. They're horrific and I can't stop staring at them, but I do love every single thing about these vestments. What I love even more, though, is that the Gomes didn't just buy one for all of his teammates with the intention of wearing them to the White House for the Sox championship celebrating visit to Washington D.C., but that he also purchased one for President Barack Obama. There is nothing I need more today than a picture of Jonny Gomes and Obama posing together, both clad in the stars and stripes.

Come on, Barry, do it for America.