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Christian Vazquez's arm is ridiculous, dot GIF

Seriously, just watch him in action.


Christian Vazquez doesn't get as much love as fellow Red Sox catching prospect Blake Swihart, but we should spend more time admiring his skills. He can hit a bit, he's got loads of patience and pitch recognition, and oh yeah, he can do this with his arm.


It's a pitch out, so Vazquez does have the advantage of knowing he's ready to throw before the pitch is even thrown, but two things from Wednesday's contest against the Cardinals are worth pointing out here: first, Vazquez went to the mound right before this pitch and told Anthony Ranaudo what's up with the baserunner, and second, he proceeded to, in one fluid motion, receive and deliver that ball to where it needed to be far before said baserunner could do anything about it.

You can't see it in the above GIF thanks to the camera work (spring training for everyone, etc.), but below, through the home plate slow-motion view, we can see just how much Vazquez's throw beat runner Xavier Skruggs by.


Throwing baserunners out isn't everything -- it's the most overrated part of a catcher's job, since it's the most visible and easy to digest -- but when you're this good at it, it's worth the hype. Especially when you're also excellent at game calling, blocking, and framing, like Christian Vazquez is.