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FOX's Keys to the Game are garbage, with bonus Daniel Nava GIF

Daniel Nava hit a lead-off homer, and FOX is already in mid-season, keys-to-the-game form.

The Red Sox are playing the Cardinals right now -- unless you are reading this after the game's conclusion, which, well, you figure it out -- and Boston left fielder Daniel Nava led the game off with a home run off of Shelby Miller. Since this game is on, that means we can GIF it.

Yes, that's right: the time for GIFs is back.


Please excuse the quality -- it's on the broadcast, not me.

It's spring training blah blah etc., but I enjoy seeing Daniel Nava doing cool baseball things, especially when batting out of the spot in the lineup that he should spend the most time in during 2014.

The real thing we need to consider, though, is if Nava's home run fits into FOX's Keys to the Game. Let's take a look:


Nava only saw two pitches, but it was also his first at-bat. We have to consider that he might not be getting his work in, though. At the same time, he's trying to impress atop the lineup, which suggests he's remembering the regular season, since that's where he most belongs. This just might be a FOX-approved homer after all!