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Jake Peavy's fishing accident latest in weird spring finger injuries

Jake Peavy has discovered that spring training can be cruel to fingers

It might shock you to learn that this is not Jake Peavy's finger.
It might shock you to learn that this is not Jake Peavy's finger.
Kevork Djansezian

We're a couple weeks into spring training and Jake Peavy is already on his second injury of the year.

The first wasn't anything special. Peavy was hit by a baseball, which is something that happens from time to time when lots of people are throwing and hitting lots of baseballs. Nothing to see here.

But the second one...Spring training seems to have a weird Bermuda Triangle effect when it comes to injuries. Players go in whole, healthy individuals and come out with a bizarre melange of different ailments. And we're not just talking about Mariano Rivera getting hurt while shagging fly balls. No, this goes so much deeper. Hunter Pence running through a glass door, Kevin Mitchell microwaving a donut for too long and breaking a tooth, Steve Sparks hurting his shoulder trying to tear a phone book in half. Can you imagine any of this happening in April or later?

So what has Peavy done to himself? Well, it's not quite as strange as all that. He just went and cut his finger with a fishing knife. Honestly that's downright mundane when compared with Wade Boggs messing up his ribs while trying to remove cowboy boots. But don't be fooled--this is spring training to the core. Peavy has found himself the latest initiate in a long line of people who have found their fingers the victims of spring training's cruel ways. Let's take a little trip through history...

1986 -- More than a decade before the attacks start in earnest, we can see early experimentation from the dark forces of spring. Knuckleballer Charlie Hough, with spring training almost over, engages in a "fancy handshake" with a friend. He fractures his finger, winding up on the disabled list for the first weeks of the regular season.

2002 -- Sixteen years later, and the incidents become more frequent. Matt Mantei is the first to fall, gashing his thumb while opening a can of dog food.

2003 -- Carlos Baerga, attempting to hand his cousin some cash at a gas station, has his finger crushed when the wind blows the door of his car closed.

2006 -- Willie Bloomquist, weights, crunch. Ouch.

2010 -- Brett Cecil beats Jake Peavy to the knife scenario, cutting himself while preparing chicken.

2013 -- The beginning of what appears to be a golden age for spring training finger injuries. Casey Kotchman manages to run into a pop-up machine during fielding drills then, making a last ditch effort to keep either himself or the machine or both upright, manages to get his finger busted open to the point where he requires four stitches.

2013 -- Michael Taylor, attempting to throw out a piece of gum, somehow manages to slice open his pinkie finger on a light hanging from the cieling of the dugout. Throwing stuff out: you're doing it wrong.

2013 -- Doug Melvin, Brewers GM, shows that players are not the only ones at risk. Not familiar with the Arizona fauna, Melvin winds up in the hospital after getting stung by a scorpion on, of course, his finger.

2014 -- Travis Snider copycats Brett Cecil, but with sweet potatoes taking the place of chicken.

2014 -- And, of course, Peavy

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed in Peavy. Look at the creativity some of these players showed. Peavy, on the other hand, is the third knife injury since 2010, and not even the first of the season. We expect more from our Red Sox, particularly after Bryce Brentz raised the target last year. At the very least Peavy could have been running from a confused Jeremy Renner fan.

Not to give him--or the evil behind spring training--any ideas.