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Presenting Your OTM 2014 Red Sox Righties Lineup

You've voted. Now see what you've wrought—and try to beat it.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

After weeks of voting, we've completed the OTM Red Sox 2014 lineup against right-handed pitching. Like most of the votes, this was not really much of a competition, as the combination of AJ Placeholder and Jackie Bradley, Jr. soundly beat the competition for the #8 and #9 slots in the lineup. (The genius part of doing #8 and #9 together—now I can just put a picture of Bradley up instead of having to be responsible for putting Placeholder up on the front page!)

So, here it is: your 2014 lineup against RHP's. Remember, this is what you as a community have produced, so if you're not happy with it, you have no one to blame except your fellow readers:

  1. Daniel Nava
  2. Dustin Pedroia
  3. Xander Bogaerts
  4. David Ortiz
  5. Mike Napoli
  6. Shane Victorino
  7. Will Middlebrooks
  8. AJ Placeholder
  9. Jackie Bradley, Jr.

As crowdsourced lineups go, this is rather cromulent, actually. You have high on-base potential at the top of the order, power in the middle, and minimize the damage at the bottom of the order. There's not much you can do about the catcher spot in the order, but at least now we have the possibility of having Bradley on base for when the top of the order comes round again. You could do a lot, lot worse—more than half a run per game worse, in fact.

But perhaps you've been looking at this lineup building, and thought to yourself: "We could do so much better!" Well, now it's your shot to sell us on your lineup.

So here are the ground rules for the lineups:

  • Only players currently on (or likely to be) on the opening day roster can be used in the lineup.
  • It needs to be a plausible lineup; you can't have multiple players fielding the same position simultaneously.
  • You can't assign a player to a position they haven't already played—no playing Grady Sizemore at catcher (or David Ortiz in center field, even for the LOL value)!
  • List your lineup in order from one to nine as a top-level comment, in the same way that we did for the individual spots. Put "VOTE FOR XXXX's LINEUP HERE." in the header.

Vote for any lineup you think is a worthy competitor for the crowdsourced lineup. We'll take the top-two vote getters and pit them head-to-head against the crowdsourced lineup. You'll have until Wednesday night to post and vote for your lineups, so get going. Those runs aren't going to score themselves!