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Everything you need to know about the Red Sox' new Stars and Stripes blazers

The Red Sox have some patriotic new duds...

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Nobody has ever accused Jonny Gomes of being a fashionable or subtle fellow, so it should come as no surprise that he's the man behind this:

Oh my...

Given that the Red Sox are set to hit Washington DC on the first of April to meet with President Barack Obama, some have jumped to the conclusion that the Red Sox will be wearing these to the White House. Not necessarily:

It's pretty hilarious to imagine Gomes buying these with the idea that maybe Jon Lester will just open his closet on any given Monday and think "Yeah, this feels like a flag suit day." But he may not be telling the whole truth there. Consider this: Gomes has one ready for President Obama himself!

Of course, by now you've gotta be asking yourself "how can I get one of these snappy blazers?" Well, if you've got $250 just burning a hole in your pocket, it's just a click away. But please don't click. Please. Go donate the money to charity or something. You don't need a Stars and Stripes blazer, and more importantly, your loved ones need you to not have a Stars and Stripes blazer.

Just saying.