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The Over The Monster Podcast, Episode 98: David Ortiz, Jon Lester, and Kittens Don't Play Soccer

Brendan, Marc, and Matt discuss the David Ortiz extension, what it means, why it happened, whether or not it was good (spoiler: it is good), and then talk about Jon Lester's contract situation and what should and will happen there.

Looks like we'll get to see this a few more times.
Looks like we'll get to see this a few more times.
Jim Rogash

It's extension time! David Ortiz is our first contestant and let's see what we have for him... behind Door Number One it's... a $16 million one year extension with a triggerable (possibly not a word) team option! Hooray!

That's not all though, because as this is a podcast, we get to talk about it! From all angles! And to talk about it, we have more than just the typical two person panel. In fact, we have 50 percent more because we have a three person panel! That's 50 percent more podcast for the same low, low price of nothing whatsoever! That 50 percent comes in the form of the internet's Marc Normandin of the internet, who joins Brendan O'Toole and Matt Kory for Red Sox-related yappings.

After delving deeply into the merits of the Ortiz deal, we (they? us?) move on to Jon Lester and his potential contract extension. We/they/us/them/you/WHO??? talk about Lester as a player, his value to the organization in the years to come, what it might cost to keep him (conclusion: dollars!), and what the benefits and drawbacks of doing so would be. It's an enlightening and enjoyable and exclamation point-laden 98th OTM Podcast!

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