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Jon Lester batting against Cliff Lee went how you would expect

You'll get that first hit someday, Jon.

The Red Sox are facing the Phillies today, and there is no designated hitter. That means Boston starter Jon Lester has to come up to bat against Cliff Lee. Let's see how it went.


Lester doesn't look like he's convinced himself today is the day he gets his first ever hit as a professional.


You don't believe me but that was a completely different pitch than the first one. Check the pitch count!


At least with this one you know for sure it's not just a repeat of the original GIF, since Lester is walking away from the plate before the umpire even tells him he has to.

That was Lester's first at-bat of the spring, though you wouldn't know it if you looked at his career line. He drew a walk once in 2010, but has failed to reach base in the other 42 plate appearances of his career. He's also now hit-less in three spring training trips to the plate. Going to guess his next at-bat against Lee ends similarly.

It's not all bad, you know. Lester has five sacrifice bunts in his career, as well as a sac fly. The 19/1 strikeout-to-walk ratio could use some work, though.