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David Ortiz extension: One-year for $14-16 million under discussion

It's not done yet, but the two sides have reportedly made progress.

We haven't heard much on the David Ortiz extension front as of late. The most-likely reason for this is that the two sides were talking, so Ortiz had little to say about it to the media, or, for those who remember how often he was expected to answer questions about his extension demands not all that long ago, maybe people just stopped inquiring. Either way, according to ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes, there is "little doubt" for an agreement between the Sox and Ortiz, and Edes suggests it might even happen in the next few days.

All the necessary players for an extension are in Fort Myers, with Ortiz there (obviously), as well as his agent Fernando Cuza and Red Sox owners John Henry and Larry Lucchino. Lucchino told Edes a deal had not yet been reached, but you have to think that, with all of them here and an Ortiz extension something that makes all kinds of sense for both sides, they're nearing an agreement.

Ortiz, who batted .309/.395/.564 last year while leading the Red Sox to a World Series victory, is heading into his age-38 season, which is also the last guaranteed year of his current deal. The rumor from the man himself is that he wanted a single year added to his current contract, so he wouldn't have to worry about free agency in-season. He's stated that he believes his monetary demands are below-market, and that were he to reach free agency, he would seek a real contract, likely meaning no more of this one year at a time stuff for the best active designated hitter on the planet. That being said, in a year, he'll be 39, and while he's still going strong as of 2013, no one knows when it will stop. He's looked as good as he ever has, however, and who knows, maybe he'll continue to be productive into his 40s, but it's hard to believe the rest of the league would be willing to find out. Or, at least, more willing to find out than the Red Sox.

The danger isn't so much in Ortiz leaving as it is Ortiz asking for more than tacking on a year at a time, though. There's a good setup right now, and it's one the Red Sox are unlikely to mess with, given their needs, Ortiz's still-strong abilities, and their positive financial situation.


Update 10:12 am: Radio show Toucher and Rich were told by WBZ's Dan Roche that Ortiz is close to signing a one-year deal worth between $14 million and $16 million. No surprises there, given he's currently set to earn $15 million in 2014.