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Look it's David Ross riding a camel for some reason

I don't know.

Why the Red Sox Twitter account used a #BoysAreBack hashtag for this picture I do not know, but there are a lot of other things that I am unsure of thanks to said picture.

It sure is David Ross on a camel, which is apparently what he spent his morning doing.

Cue some crazed fan during the regular season remembering this picture after a Ross strikeout in a big moment in like June, screaming about how if Ross had just taken more batting practice instead of riding a camel none of this would have ever happened you know the Red Sox should trade this bum bet the Marlins would want him to help Salty out again Sox can probably make him part of a Stanton deal yo you think the Sox can get Stanton without giving up Xander if they include Ross?

There are some things I don't miss about the regular season, you guys.