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Daily Red Sox Links: Grady Sizemore, Jackie Bradley, Craig Breslow

Today's links look at the center field competition, the state of the middle infield in the organization, and one of Xander Bogaerts' top comps.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Grady Sizemore has made it through a good part of spring training without crumbling, so now it's time for the Red Sox to see how well he can actually play. (Rob Bradford;

Last year's center fielder wouldn't touch any questions regarding who would replace him in 2014. (Gordon Edes; ESPN Boston)

The Red Sox are taking some time to prepare Shane Victorino and Daniel Nava as back-up center fielders. (Jason Mastrodonato;

How are the Red Sox looking at the middle infield positions on the farm? (Chris Hatfield; Sox Prospects)

Although Sizemore has taken this spring by storm, Jackie Bradley has remained unaffected by the competition. (Ian Browne;

Craig Breslow has yet to appear in a spring training game, but he is almost ready for his game action. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Troy Patterson looks in to comparisons between Xander Bogaerts and Troy Tulowitzki. (Troy Patterson; Yawkey Way Academy)

From Tony Blengino, an in-depth look at the Red Sox, who he calls the American League's most interesting contender. (Tony Blengino; Fangraphs)