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The Over The Monster Podcast: Episode 97: Is Sizemore For Real? Sizemore Is For Real!

A Red Sox podcast that discusses Grady Sizemore? You don't say!

Is that your starting center fielder? No, the guy in the Red Sox jersey. Sheesh.
Is that your starting center fielder? No, the guy in the Red Sox jersey. Sheesh.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The closer we get to the start of the regular season, the closer we get to answering the one seemingly enduring question from this 2014 edition of spring training: is Grady Sizemore really and truly back? Like, for serious is what I'm saying. The man with seven surgeries (that we KNOW of!) in the last couple years, the man who hasn't played an inning of ball in anger over the past couple seasons, that very man may be the one standing in center field when the Red Sox take the field on Opening Day. I'd say stranger things have happened here but I'm not sure they have. Brendan and I discuss this most odd turn of events.

That all comes after the whole 'Johnny Gomes thinks he's worth 20 wins thing.' Which we discuss as well because, come on, how could you not? Then finally we close with a thing about spring training wins and losses. Brendan thinks they're almost completely worthless and I say, no, you've gone way too far, they're totally 100 percent worthless. Either way, it's a rousing 97th edition of the Over The Monster Podcast!

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