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Jonny Gomes has an enormous Red Sox World series tattoo

Of course he does.

Rob Carr

Tattoos aren't forever, but they are a pain in the ass to remove, so if you get one, you better make sure you want it. Knowing Jonny Gomes and his famed enthusiasm, he really, really wanted to eternally capture his love for the 2013 Red Sox, their World Series championship, and their beards:

Don't let Twitter fool you. That's not the tattoo of Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli -- he's just holding the camera. It is, however, a thorough tattoo, and somewhat amazing for its thoroughness. You've got the World Series trophy, a bearded Red Sox player riding in a duck boat, a "Boston Strong" mention, an American flag, a reference to the date tattooed on the player within the tatoo, and so on. Napoli would eventually reveal that it is, in fact, Gomes who has the tattoo, but you needed the zoomed in one first to get the detail on this thing burned into your brain.

Speaking of enthusiasm, I'm going to pretend Gomes has the SB Nation logo tattooed right above it, solely because of how supportive and pro-Gomes we were during 2013. Totally plausible, right?

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