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Andrew Miller 'optimistic' 12 days before arbitration hearing

With just 12 days to go before his arbitration hearing, Andrew Miller is "optimistic" he and the Red Sox can come to an agreement.

Jared Wickerham

The Red Sox are less than two weeks away from having their streak of avoiding arbitration come to an end. Unless, that is, they can come to an agreement with Andrew Miller, who according to Pete Abraham is already plugging away in Fort Myers with his hearing in just 12 days' time:

That second tweet makes it sound like the Red Sox will not be content to have their streak broken. That would certainly come as no surprise. The team and Miller are just $600,000 apart at the onset (a pittance for a team with Boston's budget), and there's even been some speculation that talks on a mufti-year deal may be behind the delay. Whatever the case, the Red Sox have financial flexibility enough to avoid uncomfortable confrontations with their players.

Oh, and you may have noticed Miller's early arrival to camp. Well, he's not alone:

"Pitchers and catchers" day hasn't come yet. But let's be honest: spring training has arrived.

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