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Daily Red Sox Links: Jackie Bradley, David Ortiz, Leadoff Spot

Today's links look at who will bat leadoff for Boston in 2014, what David Ortiz's production should look like moving forward, and a former NBA star trying his hand at baseball.

Jim Rogash

Paul Swydan tackles one of the biggest questions facing the Red Sox, specifically who will take Jacoby Ellsbury's spot atop the lineup. (Paul Swydan; Fangraphs)

David Ortiz has been the main topic of conversation around this team for the past week or so. So, what kind of production can we expect from him for the end of his 30's? (Scott Lauber; Boston Herald)

Despite his struggles in Boston last year, Jackie Bradley is still undoubtedly the center fielder of the season. (Jason Mastrodonato;

Pawtucket's new manager Kevin Boles is ready for the challenges that await him in his new position. (Craig Forde;

The Red Sox have made a few personnel moves throughout the organization. (Andrew Simon;

In what has to be the best story of the offseason, Tracy McGrady will pitch for the Sugar Land Skeeters. It has everything. A former NBA star playing baseball, Roger Clemens giving scouting reports on former NBA stars, and a team named the Skeeters. (Matthew Pouliot; Hardball Talk)

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