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Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 93: Because you demand (Size)more!

Red Sox yak'n for people who can't read!

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Can we say 'we're back' when we just go and disappear again? Maybe! Let's see:

We're back!

Hey, you can! Hooray! Brendan O'Toole and Matt Kory are back and talking about themselves in the third person because three sentences is too much to go without being totally obnoxious. More importantly, they're get'n the old podcast out of the garage, throw'n a new coat of paint on it, and then realize'n, why are we painting this podcast that's dumb. Then they start recording.

They talk about the predictable stuff, but it's still interesting. That's their gift to you. The Red Sox off-season, not exactly fraught with tension, is discussed with interest! Also:

  • Jacoby Ellsbury's new-ish contract with the Yankees is mentioned and not in passing!
  • 2014 season projections are looked at, digested, and then turned into fuel for further podcasting
  • Grady Sizemore is pre-lamented over.

All in all, it's a podcast that talks about the Red Sox and is therefore the best thing ever other than the actual Red Sox, love, beer, napping, and probably cupcakes. Enjoy the 93rd Over The Monster Podcast!

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