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2014 Red Sox top prospect voting #10 (pt. 2): Trey Ball vs. Anthony Ranaudo

Here's a picture of Wally in a beard to avoid pushing either way.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie.

Anthony Ranaudo and Trey Ball are even as of this writing for the final top-10 spot in our prospect list*. And while no strict time limit has been set, with voting having gotten underway on Friday, the activity has pretty much come to a close.

So what do we do with a tie? Giving them 10a and 10b seems pretty dull. There's a little appeal to the idea of casting the tiebreaker (particularly since I don't get a vote to begin with in the current system), but I've studied my internet history and that's just asking for an armed uprising. You don't want to know what happened on Lone Star Ball. Suffice it to say we still haven't found all the pieces.

So that leaves us with a head-to-head grudge match: Anthony Ranaudo vs. Trey Ball. Sorry, supporters of Christian Vazquez et al. You're being semi-disenfranchised here. Pick a side to support, and have at it. We'll just assume whoever loses comes in at 11. I don't think there's really much question about that.

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*I'm sure that will change now since I can't actually lock in the rec counts, but take my word for it.