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Daily Red Sox Links: Edward Mujica, Daniel Bard, Depth

Today's post-Super Bowl edition of Daily Links include stories on one of Boston's newest relievers, a former Red Sox reliever attempting to rediscover himself, and minor-league stuff.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Edward Mujica may have been forgotten by St. Louis, but he could be Uehara V2 in Boston. (Nick O'Malley;

The melancholy is palpable whenever Daniel Bard is mentioned among Red Sox fans, but the reliever received another chance this weekend. (Peter Gammons; Gammons Daily)

Boston may have won the title in 2013, but there's still questions surrounding the depth at two particular positions. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

Depth isn't the only thing in question for the Red Sox, as they're one of several clubs with lineup concerns. (Buster Olney; ($$$)

Don't fret over prospect lists, especially when it comes to players like Mookie Betts. (Josh Cookson; Fire Brand of the AL)

Some minor transactions transpired this past weekend, including the signing of outfielder Corey Brown and the release of Cody Koback. (James Dunne;

One of Boston's prospects announced his retirement on Friday afternoon. (John Gray;

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